It is Bug Season

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It is Bug Season

Gear Review: Best piece of gear for Blackflies, gnats and Mosquitos while taking a canoe trip in late May/June in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness is hand’s down besides cans of spray, our Elite Original Bug Shirt! With tons of features and a loose fitting design that allows for breathability and most of all, YOUR SANITY, it is a no-nonsense approach to the outdoors. We mow the lawn, garden and walk in them and have been know to even swing a golf club wearing one here in town. Out in the woods whether you find yourself on a lake with no breeze or on a portage any time of the day, especially after the heat and dusk or dawn settle in, this piece of gear is a must have.

Here’s some pictures up close and a direct link to a great product. We just resupplied and stocked up because we sold out already. So now we are ready with what we refer to as canoe trip insurance. Insurance money well spent on your pleasure while camping because without it you’ll have a bad time. Why tempt it? It’s a long paddle and drive back to town. Pick yours up here: Original Bug Shirt.

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