Fire Ban in Boundary Waters

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Fire Ban in Boundary Waters

Starting today, there’s a fire ban in the Boundary Waters. As of June 14, 2023.

Previously, Quetico Provencial Park in Canada had issued a Fire Ban beginning June 1st.

After a winter of record snowfall, our season has started off without rain, with higher temperatures and with plenty of wind. All of these conditions have combined to dry out the forest. In addition to obeying the rules and not having campfires, this result calls for increase diligence (defined as careful and or persistent effort) while in the forest and on its edges. As visitors we all need to be careful not to start any fires intentionally or unintentionally.

During this time it is important to make sure to pack and take enough fuel along to supply your camp stove for the duration of your canoe trip. Having a good stove is important in the wilderness and it is equally important to be careful with your stove as it has an open flame and can obviously cause a fire to start if you are not careful with it.

Here’s a good link to a camp stove that we use in Canoe Outfitting.

We also rent these stoves as part of our complete and partial canoe trip outfitting services.

More details on the Fire Restrictions Order for the Superior National Forest below:

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