Taking time to sit.

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Taking time to sit.

Take time to sit. It’s important.

Summer’s official start is just a few days away. There are canoe trippers sitting in canoes, sitting at camp, sitting around the fire, sitting on the highest points they can find, looking out over the wilderness we call home. Just when we thought nothing could beat the increased interest in the outdoors spurred by the 2020 Summer months during the pandemic, we were proven wrong. Permits are going fast, some days it’s difficult to find a canoe rental, Ely is a busy place.

This is good thing.

More and more of us are realizing the simple, serene beauty of spending time outdoors. The Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness is a special place. As we return to a faster pace, this place we all share and love has attracted the attention of those seeking solitude and renewal in the woods and on the water.

If your screen time has grown to a seemingly inescapable all-time high, if you feel a desperate need to travel but want to avoid crowds, if you haven’t been able to sit by yourself or with a friend and soak up the quietness because it has been drowned out by stress, we’ve got an answer you can rely on. A rejuvenation vacation that just requires a trip to Minnesota and a paddle into the wild. It’s long overdue, most likely and it won’t break the bank. If you can plan for at least three to five days in the wilderness we guarantee you’ll be able to reset your stress levels, unwind, re-relax and yes, escape. You’ll be able to savor the time you have to just sit.

Listen. Daydream. Watch. Eat. Conversate. Drink. Soak it all in. Think. Read a book. Fall asleep reading a book (usually accomplished by transitioning from a sitting position to a hammock position). We have lots of fantastic books to choose from :).

As you see in the pictures above, you can find some of our favorite camp chairs, seat pads and canoe seat cushions right here in our Boundary Waters Catalog. After all if you’re going to come up here and travel into the wilderness, you better get the best for your buttocks. Rest your bum on something comfortable, unless granite is your thing.

See you around the bend! <t))))))))>< These photos were taken by Tim Barton @timyb11 who works for us in our Outfitting department and occasionally guides in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness

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