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Get a taste for Canoe Camping

Sometimes you can’t escape for longer than an overnight. Sometimes you want to go canoe camping but you have to be at work the next day. But… you haven’t been in the woods overnight forever. And… Summer is escaping. You feel the need to cook over an open flame, to sit next to some coals and do some thinking that can only be done when woodsmoke is involved.

Sometimes you have to hang your hammock from trees that aren’t in the back yard or the park and spend (even if it is only a few hours) some quality time with friends.

There’s more in the cooking pot than just a freeze dried or dehydrated meal.  There’s friendship, rejuvenation, and yes, stress relief.  For us it can’t be beat, even if it’s just overnight, even if we find ourselves camping outside the wilderness for just one night.  We want you to have a taste of what we do here all Summer in Ely, Minnesota.

Click the view more link below to watch a great video and catch Canoe Camping Fever!

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Boundary Waters Poem: Ahead


The water road winds ahead
never weary of reflecting the blue sky above,
like a mid-century Hamms beer commercial.
Harvey is focused on me.
Perhaps he’s hungry or bored with the rocking motion,
perhaps he’s wondering about his life vest,
perhaps there’s something behind me,
besides the breakneck pace of
life we’ve left behind.