A Tamarack Poem

A Tamarack Poem


As we approach Halloween

everything outdoors

seems costumed, disguised from its

natural state

and the theme this year

not unlike the past

is stark.

Trees are giving up the ghost;

red, orange, yellow, brown

slip from lofty heights 

to gather at the base

of gray, brown trunks.

A heap of sodden days gathered

in the rain.

The tamaracks grin along the ridges of the forest

like a yellowed smoker’s smile,

toothy in their defiance,

bordering the wetland marsh grasses.

The red bellied snakes have all disappeared

along with the red and blue salamanders

and skinks.

The ermine are half in, half out of late summer.

Their white coats overtaking weaselness.

The flowering crabapple tree we spent the pandemic under

has sacrificed another three limbs voluntarily


©Timothy James Stouffer #elystreetpoet 10222023 All Rights Reserved

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