Compression Sacks for Everyday Travel? A not so novel idea.

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Compression Sacks for Everyday Travel? A not so novel idea.

Monday mornings are for simple but effective ideas. Ideas that can save you time and money and headaches. Because we have enough of that on Mondays. Multi-use. That’s a good idea. If you can use your camping gear that you spent well-earned money on for other things, that’s a great idea.

Did you know that Compression Sacks aren’t just for camping? That’s right, our load em up big, pack em down small bags that allow you to fit so much into your portage packs have common everyday travel benefits too. Perhaps you already have watched all the YouTube videos on how to fold and roll your clothes to fit more into your suitcases, duffels and carryons. Perhaps you’re always disappointed with your lack of variety and realization that you’ve arrived without your favorite jeans and kicks?

We like it a lot when we can supply you with gear that functions as perfectly outside of the Boundary Waters as it does on a well-planned canoe camping trip. Even if you don’t “need” more room on trail or on the road, compression sacks are fantastic organizers and they shrink down to give any pack or suitcase a more streamlined feel with just a few pulls of your straps or roll of their tops.

We’ve got a variety of options and sizes that work just as easily in a hotel room as a tent with a no-see-um view of the Boundary Waters. In fact, two pages of organizer sacks/packs from small zip sacks that hold all your toiletries and cords and menagerie to larger see-through Discovery View bags. Page One and Page Two links for your browsing pleasure.

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