Twenty four hours later

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Twenty four hours later

What a difference a day makes. Yeah, we know, this is just a diary how the days are going up here while April turns its pages. If this weren’t happening we’d just be watching mud get softer. April is like that in northern Minnesota. It doesn’t want to give up on Winter and usually continues to make ice despite the calendar.

Today looks like Christmas all over again. It looks like a card picked right off the shelf from the holiday season section.

After raining about an inch or so yesterday, the temperature dropped and we got a beautiful, soft and silent snow for much of the night. Today, despite the fact the sun is hidden behind the clouds, it feels warmer than it did when the first good soaking rain of the year fell all of yesterday.

These pictures do the talking.

It is a special place to live.

Tomorrow will bring something different.

Enough is enough about that for now. Call us at 800-223-6565 to talk canoe trips and begin planning a paddling adventure for your family and friends.

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Be safe and come see us soon!

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