Book Review: Combat to Conservation

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Book Review: Combat to Conservation

Local Ely Author debuts “can’t put down” first book to rave reviews. An intelligent, engaging conversation with the past and the present that delivers on the promise of preservation for the future.

From early childhood memories, to coming of age, to the Marines, Vietnam and a life that followed, Francis Fitzgerald takes us along for the ride.

It opened my eyes to my own father’s experiences in Vietnam that contrasted so violently and beautifully as well as dangerously with his childhood experiences outdoors in the Midwest. It also speaks to the validity and importance of keeping your true self and your dreams safe and secure from things that are far beyond your control. Just as writing this book was instrumental and necessary for Fitz, reading it and experiencing his story was life altering for me. Many times we find ourselves at odds , sometimes extreme, with our surroundings and our fellow humans — in these instances we need to make things simple and remember what is important. Conservation and preservation of the natural all around us can very well become the key to preservation of self.” Tim Stouffer, Creative Director, The Boundary Waters Catalog and Piragis Northwoods Company

In 1970, after growing up in the woods and fields of Southeastern Minnesota, Francis Fitzgerald finds himself as a young Marine in the middle of one of the longest and bloodiest conflicts his country has ever fought. Thoughts of college and becoming a game warden are gone as daily life becomes a battle of survival. Hot jungle sun, monsoon rains, snakes and leeches, and the ever-present threat of enemy ambushes take a toll on a nineteen-year-old’s mind and body. But the biggest battle looms ahead. 

How does one heal the body and soul after living in that unimaginable world? No one is ever the same. Is anything worth the fight anymore? In Combat to Conservation, Fitzgerald explains how wilderness became his closest ally, his medicine, and his only hope. We have both hardcover and paperback editions in stock and online.

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