First Day of Summer 2021

First Day of Summer 2021

It is upon us.


The rain fell all day yesterday, giving us some hope for the recent brace of dry weeks that have become synonymous with June these last two Springs. It is cold this morning (barely 50 degrees F. about 10:30 a.m. central time). The sky is brewing up some more rain for the early afternoon hours.

We brought fish home Thursday and Saturday, avoiding the worst of the gusts with winds blowing up to thirty miles an hour as the week progressed. The breezes we did experience gave us the effect of trolling as they pushes us down the shoreline in our canoe.

There’s not much more appealing to the eye and the taste buds than Panko breadcrumbs over an egg wash with a little mustard all frying to a golden brown over some fresh fillets. Miracle Whip for added tang instead of mayo, mixed with pickle relish and a teaspoon of lemon juice makes a great tarter sauce, perhaps with a few shakes of paprika or cayenne pepper if you’re feeling spicy. Fried potatoes on the side and fried eggs over medium. My go to breakfast, lunch or dinner. Dinner this time with a cold Pilsner. Reward for cleaning.

Simple pleasures.

This first taste of “Summer” never gets old. Sunshine on a plate. If you don’t eat fish, that’s fine, everything tastes better when you are camping. Put a little char on something and it can’t help but remind you of hot days, cool nights, fireworks, freedom from the droll and mundane sameness of normal weeks.

Time in the woods, time with a canoe paddle in your hand, a fishing pole at your side and a camera’s view of your “own” wilderness lake. Those are things worth the trip up north. Being able to hear a loon singing on what seems like your own private lake, a timberwolf “answering” a few lakes over. These small wonders add up to unforgettable memories wrapped in some of the most beautiful sunsets you’ll ever see.

Fall asleep under the stars that you can’t see because of the light pollution at home. You’ll be tired in a good way, worn out, but not exhausted. Just happy in your rebirth as you experience the real outdoors. At four-thirty in the morning the birds will begin singing at dawn and you won’t need an alarm or a reason to wake, you’ll just be ready. Ready for anything or nothing. Believe me there’s room in your daylight hours for plenty of each in the wilderness.

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