A Snapshot in November

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A Snapshot in November

There are times when things just fall together. Colors on a hardwood floor, patterns, like Autumn leaves jumbled into a harmony ordained from the moment they deserted the only home they’ve previously known up in the canopy. Perhaps it is because we work together as a team, that our choices as buyers and creative members compliment each other.

Perhaps it is just a simple snapshot of November. Like the song goes, these are a few of our favorite things… today.

— for your reference, easy links and copy and paste items numbers for search if you are finding us from Instagram.

Buffalo Plaid Beanie — Item number 10008-1 $28.00
Sunset Wilderness is Calling Sweatshirt — Item number GDND $39.95
Topo Mini Quick Pack — Item number miniquickpack $55.00
Home Pack — Item number T25 $42.00
Sanborn Anniversary Cribbage Board — Item number SCC25 $65.00
Trees Sweatshirt — Item number T26 $48.00

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