Poem: Beaver Dam

Poem: Beaver Dam

Beaver Dam

by John Looney

The water on “my side” is down to a trickle
furtively crawling through the sticks and mud wall,
up above, roughly four feet now, today;
A flat pool stretches dark and far. 
Dragonflies skim the surface,
algae drifts with yellow pollen
and clumps of white cottonseed
caught in the liquid clutches of June.

I can sit up higher and see the point of the V trailing away from his wall,
Like me he has punched the clock
on a day’s work done. 
I need to portage again, it seems
this dam is too big to slide over. 
I wonder at the stillness on the other side,
wonder at the darkness that swallows even the bluebird blue sky.

I feel like slapping my tail.

It feels like home.

©Timothy James Stouffer 06252020 All Rights Reserved
Ely, MN #elystreetpoetPhoto by John Looney

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