Saturday Walk, Shagawa Ice Status

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Saturday Walk, Shagawa Ice Status

The sun coming in the window woke me with its warmth. The cats were curled up, one on top of the quilt, one underneath, effectively trapping me. I wanted to sleep in. To stay with them. They are a comfort in these uncertain times. Friends that live with us. Friends I can see and play with everyday.

I wanted to get outside, though, before the day began to come on in earnest. Jen wanted to go for a walk and our steps soon found us headed towards Semer’s Park and the closest shoreline of Ely’s Shagawa Lake.

The Saturday walk was cleansing and beautiful and simple. I don’t have much insightful to say, except that this is the time of year that everything changes. Weekly, daily, hourly. Last night it rained, so even these captured moments aren’t true, but they were when we were there. If you don’t live in Ely, or have only visited during the Summer or even Winter months, you will find these pictures interesting.

This is how the ice retreats, first from the shoreline and simultaneously from underneath until it candles and blackens and disappears. It was a good way to start a weekend.


Great pictures and I injoyed them a lot. We used to come up in the summer but my health in past four years hasn’t been too good. And now the virus looks like it will take arother year from me. That’s why I like pictures from any place I might have gone in the past 78 years. Please keep them.
George Lockhart

Thanks for sharing. I always appreciate reading your poems and stories. It helps me keep connect with the Boundary Waters. I have had the opportunity to canoe the Boundary Waters 13 times since 1978. I have also had the opportunity to Dog Sled at Wintergreen.
Dave Olesen was our Sommers Canoe Base Interpreter in 1978. Later I learned he was interviewing and writing A Wonderful Country, The Quetico-Superior Stories of Bill Magie.
He also wrote Cold Nights Fast Trails and North of Reliance. He made our experience and adventures come to life and memorable. We’ve shared the Boundary Waters with over 120 Boy Scouts and 20 individual adult leaders. Bending Branches Canoe Paddles adorn
many homes. All purchased at Piragis.

Thank you!
Donnie Tegeler
Scoutmaster Troop `135
Ganado, Texas

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