What do we do when we can’t paddle?

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What do we do when we can’t paddle?

Skiing and biking on the lakes when we can’t paddle is great exercise and great fun. You really couldn’t get lost in the fog on Burntside Lake yesterday (April 6th, 2019) if you just follow your tracks home; skiing or biking.

Taking advantage of being on the lake can’t always mean paddling. We have have about six months of Winter, easily being able to walk on the water on most lakes for four to five months. We want to be out there as much as we can, so early spring brings some great opportunities for fat bikes and skate skiis. Early morning crust after a cold night can make for remarkable conditions and great fun.

some of the best skiing of the year might only be available a few mornings
bikes on the ice

Since this adventure we’ve had two days of rain and then snow overnight. Tomorrow, we likely won’t climb past the low thirties (similar to today) so there could be a whole new type of crust on the lakes. As it gets up closer to forty and then fifty, all of this will change dramatically. What that means is that the window for this kind of fun is pretty tight and unpredictable.

You have to get out when you can. Fun is at a premium, well at least this kind, because even though there’s in the neighborhood of two feet of ice on the lakes, soon (we hope), we’ll have paddles in hand and canoe seats underneath it.

dogs on the ice

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