Spring Camping Gift Guide For Men & Women 2019

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Spring Camping Gift Guide For Men & Women 2019

With Spring now in full bloom, everyone is venturing outside again and taking camping trips with their friends & family. Which makes it the perfect time to start thinking about a few gifts you can give to someone with a spirit for adventure and a zeal for the outdoors.

Duke Cannon Big Bourbon Beard Kit

Duke Cannon have quickly become a modern mainstay in men’s grooming circles due to their direct & robust masculine style. With notes and aromas infused with real Buffalo Trace Bourbon, this beard kit falls right in line with that declaration of manliness and doesn’t skimp on the practical side of things either with a hearty selection of oils, balms, and soaps that are sure to keep you clean and smelling great all day long.

GoGirl Women’s Single

For the active woman on the go; made for when, well, you have to go. The GoGirl Single is a device made from medical grade silicone that allows women to urinate standing up instead of having to sit down on any unsanitary conditions out in the wild.

Voyageur Outdoor Gear

You can’t go wrong with the portability & durability of Voyageur Outdoor Gear. Specifically, their compact and light camping stove, which collapses down for convenient carrying on backpacking, canoeing, camping, and other other outdoor trips. At one-tenth the volume of traditional camping stoves and with 100% of the power, Voyageur is a no-brainer for your next trek.

Momentum Atlas 32 Watch

Momentum watches are made for unequaled comfort with solid, light titanium and water-resistant material. Don’t be fooled by the light weight though. Momentum watches provide a level of heavy duty support and Engineered in solid titanium, to be so light, you will forget it is on your wrist. Atlas offers unparalleled comfort, legibility and rock-solid water-resistance. But don’t let the light weight fool you. Momentum watches carry some heavy duty power and long-lasting features.

Nemo Helio Shower

While other types of camp showers require a place to hang them and let gravity do the work, the Nemo Helio Shower rests on the ground, allowing you to wash  everything from your dishes and gear to your clothes and body. Pressurize up to 2.9 gallons of water and pressurize an ongoing stream of running water that can last up to 6-7 minutes. You won’t want to go camping without it.

Scrubba Portable Washing Bag

Wash your clothes anywhere with the super portable Scrubba Portable Wash Bag. The bag features hundreds of internal nodules that clean your clothes in minutes. Just throw your dirty laundry in the bag, add dry detergent & water, then you are ready to roll. Perfect for weekend trips and long-term excursions alike.

Wilderness Iron Mini Puukko Knife

The Iron Mini Puukko Knife may be small, but it has some big advantages over the competition. Hand-crafted from high carbon steel and heated to 60 RC hardness, this knife is designed to have all the versatility of a standard Puukko knife, with a full tang for additional heft and strength.

Hot Sauce Gift Pack

The perfect hot sauce gift set for any time of the year and the perfect gift for any event or party. Enjoy a variety pack featuring four of our most-fiery, flavorful sauces. These sauces are perfect for meats, veggies, snacks, even certain sweets can be kicked up a notch with a little bit of our spice.

Lymeez 3D Mesh Tick Gaiters

Ticks climb up your legs and attach themselves to your skin. That’s where the Lymeez 3D Mesh Tick Gaiters come in. These gaiters slow ticks down by 4 to 8 times their normal speed, while also storing tick repellent inside the material itself that lasts up to 50 washes.

Sweetfern Northwoods Gift Set

Crafted by hand here in Ely, MN by Deb at Sweetfern, this gift set includes a 2oz. bar of Northwoods Soap, 2oz bottle of Balsam Body Oil, Rosemary Mint Lip Butter and 1/4oz Cuticle Oil. All made with fragrant, natural essential oils. The perfect gift to give that special someone who enjoys the feeling and aromas of the great outdoors.

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