Moose River Paddle April 25

Moose River Paddle April 25

Drew and Adam hit the trail early this morning for a Moose River paddle trip. Here’s a glimpse of what it is like outdoors on an absolutely gorgeous day that’s topping out around 65 degrees. Sunny, with robin’s egg blue skies and a spattering of ultra-white fluffy clouds. It feels good to be on the water and move under your own paddle power again. We’re all for walkin’ on water, but after a long winter it is time to enjoy the soft stuff again.

We’re going to go ahead and say it folks! There’s enough open water that you can come up and go paddling. By the time you get here some of the bigger lakes will even be open. Shagawa lake in town is just a stiff wind and few hours away — possibly — ya never know in Minnesota. It sure looks great and feels great outside, though… Thanks Adam and Drew for this vicarious experience. If you want to get in an early canoe trip or talk turkey about your upcoming trip plans, call them today at 1-800-223-6565 or click here for more information.

Here’s to Open Water and a brand new paddling season!

Moose River April 25, 2019

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