In search of Spring

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In search of Spring

At the beginning of the week (Easter Sunday and Monday, 04/22) we followed open water in search of ice out, in search of Spring. Winter isn’t quite ready to relinquish its grip but it sure is loosening. As I write this brief update, more sunshine, rain and wind have visited and so it is possible that within a short time frame (dare we say still in April?) ice will be gone.

Enjoy a look at some of your favorite places captured by Jaymie Stocks who wears many hats for us including taking good care of you as you arrive for trips in the summer and repairing all of our rental gear. From the crew and friends as they search… for Spring.

Gathering around the flames as the temperatures drop and the breeze blows up off the ice on the lake like a giant air conditioner. Happy Easter 🙂

spring paddle fire

On Monday the hike into Gabro Lake was ice covered and treacherous from the melt, so we opted to hike without the canoes. This is good picture of what a lot of smaller lakes looked like throughout the week. Obviously some of them are now ice free. We also captured the views at Snowbank Lake and the overlook down the Fernberg Trail at Rookie Pond.

At some points of the day you can hear ice candling in the background over the fresh and welcome sounds of running water.

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