First Canoe Paddle of 2019

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First Canoe Paddle of 2019

Adam and Joe took to the trail yesterday to search out open water. Optimistically, they took a canoe along. The nearby rivers were obvious choices when we have upwards of 2 1/2 feet of ice still on many lakes. The following is their day-trip report. It was a pretty good adventure for the first paddle of the year in a canoe. We want to stress that safety always comes first and this time of year that includes packing for weather changes, canoe dumps (woah, that water is cold) and possible injuries due to unsure footing.

Current Ice Conditions at #32 South Kawishiwi River:

The 2019 paddling season can’t come soon enough. Around the area, a few spots with current have started to open up, but it will be a while before ice out. We knew we wouldn’t be able to get too far, but on 4/4/19, we decided to check out entry point #32 South Kawishiwi River.

portage view

View from the end of the #32 South Kawishiwi Portage.

skirting the river

A look at the portage on the way out. We had to skirt the edge of the river to get to open water.

open water yeah

As far as we could get on the river. Still quite a bit of ice.

river and ice competing for space

Another look at the river.

the end of good first day paddling in our canoe 2019

On our way out. It was really nice to get on some open water for the first paddle of the year! Remember to wear your PFD and have an emergency kit (including lighters, tinder and fire-starters) at the ready when early season paddling. The water is insanely cold. Cold weather/water precautions are vital! This is a great time of year for our new gloves and storm socks.

Adam Macht — Piragis Outfitting


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