Crabdaddy, Rusty Crayfish, Crawdad Delicacy, Free Food?

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Crabdaddy, Rusty Crayfish, Crawdad Delicacy, Free Food?

Did you know that you can do something fun and flavorful to battle invasive species.  Right in our own backyard… well some of our favorite lakes anyway.  Rusty Crayfish, are destroying our weed beds and have all but taken over.  The smallmouth bass can’t eat enough of them so we’ve got to do our part, with old bay spice, Louisiana Red Hot sauce and big old slabs of butter

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Crayfish… or Crawfish boil, Crawfish roll, Crawfish soup, Crawfish in butter and more butter, Crawfish with Linguini. Any of these remind you of Forrest Gump’s buddy Bubba?

That’s right, here at Piragis Northwoods Company home of the Boundary Waters Catalog, you can pick up a crawdad trap and catch yourself a mess o little lobsters southern style.  For under $50 you can get a quality, collapsible crawfish trap.  Throw in a little bait, put it out overnight and bamm! Cajan crawdad dinner for free.  We’ve even got some free recipes courtesy of the Ely Timberjay Newsletter in an older article that we’ve reprinted here:

crawfish trap crayfish invaders

The Boundary Waters Catalog, Your Friends in the Great Northwoods, where quality counts and our customers are served first.  Who said you can’t have lobster on a Boundary Waters trip 🙂

You can get our best-selling Crawdaddy Trap here and start working on your first batch!

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