Boundary Waters 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

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Boundary Waters 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

We all know that finding the perfect gift for that special someone can be a daunting task around the holiday season. But we’re here to help with some suggestions sure to please; from camping axes and backpacks to hot sauces and chocolate bars, you are sure to find something on our list worth giving to the ones you love this Christmas.


Hot Sauce Gift Set


  1. Hot Sauce Gift Pack

Give the gift of spice this Holiday season with our famous Hot Sauce Gift Pack! Our hot sauces are both flavorful and can pack a punch. Send Santa sweating all the way back to the North Pole with these four unique blends of delicious heat that work great on any meal!



Hidden Heron Pendant


  1. Hidden Heron Pendant

The beautiful Hidden Heron Pendant is the perfect gift for the jewelry fan in your life. Made of sterling silver with flecks of opal and a mother of pearl moon, this pendant gives off a radiant, sparkling look that accents any ensemble.


Swiss Army Chocolate Knife Set


  1. Swiss Army Chocolate Knife Set

This Swiss Army Chocolate Knife set is great for the outdoorsman in your life with a sweet tooth. Each milk chocolate knife is filled with chocolate hazelnut filling and is as much of a delicious treat out on the trail as it is back home after dinner or as a snack.


Gransfors Bruks Small Forest Axe


  1. Gransfors Bruks Small Forest Axe

The Gransfors Bruks Small Forest Axe is perfect for big game hunting and small scale cutting alike. Fans of the Gransfors Bruks Small Forest Axe never fail to mention how well the axe feels to grip and use. It’s that level of ease and form factor that has kept this small forest axe a big seller.


Frost River Packs


  1. Frost River Packs

Our line of Frost River Packs are essential for wherever you travel. Pack a lunch, store school supplies, or even pack in some camping supplies in this line of durable packs. You can even safely store electronic items like a laptop and various chargers in there without worry. There’s a pack for every type of adventurer out there. Whether you are looking to explore the wild terrain or simply learn about it in class.


Blade Medic


  1. Blade Medic

The Blade Medic is like having four knife sharpeners in one! This is a product designed to keep your knives and blades in top shape and able to be used under any condition. You’ve seen similar products that claim to be sharpeners, but are actually blade honers. The Blade Medic is the real deal and will take your dullest, most worn blades and return them to peak performance.


Boundary Waters Quetico 2019 Calendar


  1. Boundary Waters Quetico 2019 Calendar

Each Boundary Waters Quetico 2019 Calendar comes packed with gorgeous images of the  Minnesota and Ontario Canoe Country in all seasons. Each month showcases the splendor and beauty of the area and is a real treat to check in on every day and be reminded of the simple and majestic locals and wildlife of the Boundary Waters area.


Deerfly Patches


  1. Deerfly Patches

Deerfly Patches are adhesive patches that go on the back of your hat and trap the annoying Deerflies that pester outdoor fans in the Spring and Summer. What better gift to give the camper & hiker in your life than something that will keep them well-prepared for the seasons and year ahead.


Hot Sauce Tee Shirts


  1. Hot Sauce Tee Shirts

Give the gift of the great outdoors that your loved ones can wear all year round. Our exclusive line features designs inspired by the Ely & Boundary Waters area. As well as some fun designs based off our famous hot sauce logos.


Gift Cards


  1. Gift Cards

Boundary Waters Catalog Gift Cards are perfect for the Boundary Waters fan in your life. Know someone who is into the thrill of the outdoors, but you don’t know where to start when buying them a gift? Get them a Boundary Waters Gift Card and let them go on a mini shopping spree through our wide selection of outdoorsman products today!

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